The Wi-Fi Router That Sniffs Out Cyber Attacks

Recently, a wireless networking device is innovated what lets you know about the update of the attack of the hackers. This device is called Gryphon and this will be connected with the smartphone by an application. When it detects any problem like hacking or attack in the wireless device, this device will give an alarm. The inventor called this alarm snitching. The Gryphon Wi-Fi router is designed to block online attacks. In the last year in October, 21 cyber-attacks that disturbed major U.S. websites and broadband providers besieged classically unsecured devices such as home routers and wireless connected appliances.

When the Gryphon device is plugged into a broadband modem, its software displays smart thermostats, webcams, and other internet-connected devices including wireless devices for uncommon movement, like the kind of traffic point that would hasty a brute-force cyber-attack. It also scans normal traffic with antivirus tools. Gryphon device has elevated about $950,000 from MayOne Projects and individual investors, with the founders. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign aims to raise at least $50,000 by Dec. 9. If you want to know about the device, you should visit Kickstarter where you will know more information about the Gryphon device. You can easily find the real information online about Gryphon device and buy the device when it is available.

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